Caddie Program

Caddie Program

What is caddying? What’s expected of WBYC caddies?

Caddying is more than carrying a golf bag. You’re the member’s personal assistant – job duties include:

  • Finding shot distances
  • Keeping clubs and golf balls clean
  • Raking sand traps
  • Forecaddying
  • The most important job of a caddie is ANTICIPATION

At the end of each round, the member will fill out a caddie chit to assess caddie performance and provide compensation.

Caddies are graded on a scale of 1 to 5 for the following tasks:

  • Distances
  • Forecaddying
  • Green Management
  • Game Advice

Caddies are graded on a scale of 1 to 5 for the following qualities:

  • Course Etiquette
  • Keeping Up
  • Leadership

How does the job work?

Caddies are independent contractors of WBYC. Caddies show up in the mornings (Tuesday-Sunday) at the Caddie House and sign in to get a round and/or they can sign up in advance if there are rounds available online. The Caddie Master will assign rounds to caddies as members show up and put in requests. Caddies will complete the 9 or 18-hole round with the member. After the round, the member fills out the caddie chit and the Caddie Master will run the chit through the system and pay cash to the caddie.

How are caddies ranked?

WBYC uses a caddie ranking system to classify caddies based on experience and performance (B, A, Honor, and Senior). Everyone will start as a “B” Caddie. Caddies will move up the ranks based on an approval from the Caddie Master or the Caddie Committee.

How much are Caddies paid?

WBYC uses a system of base pay and tips for caddie compensation (the below rates are based on an 18-hole round):

  • “B” Caddie: $40 base
  • “A” Caddie: $50 base
  • “Honor” Caddie: $60 base
  • “Senior” Caddie: $80 base

Chick Evans Scholarship Program

The nation’s largest scholarship program for caddies

Minnesota Evans Scholars from Evans Scholars on Vimeo.

What is the Evans Scholarship?

The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing scholarship established for caddies by Chick Evans, an amateur golfer. This scholarship rewards caddies for consistent performance, strong academics, and commitment to community. Caddies receiving this award attend the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. The White Bear Yacht Club is very proud to have had several Evans Scholars over the past few years.

Application Process

Applications are available on August 1st for high school Seniors. The applications are due by September 30th. The Financial Aid Profile and other supporting documents are due by October 30. Applicants are notified by February 1 if they will be granted an interview. Scholarship decisions are finalized by April 1.