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We strive for excellence, honor the importance of family, emphasize a sense of stewardship, and prioritize open and honest communication, all within an environment of mutual respect.

Time-honored Traditions, Recreation for Today

At White Bear Yacht Club, we are built upon a rich history and strong heritage, centered around preserving a family-focused, multi-sport environment. The people that make up our membership and our attentive staff are the heart and soul of our club. They represent the best qualities of the communities in which we live and share the core values we represent at White Bear Yacht Club.

We are all about building friendships and lasting memories, staying relevant in our community and culture, and providing an exceptional social, dining and recreational experience that members enjoy each time they come to their club…on the beautiful shores of White Bear Lake.

Golf Simulator - Winter Center

We are pleased to provide a new winter golf activity center that will be outfitted with (2) Trackman Simulators, a ping pong table and a practice putting aid. These amenities will afford the membership the opportunity to practice their swings, play simulated golf rounds, take lessons and get fitted for new golf clubs during the winter months. The Trackman golf simulator technology is widely considered to be the best in the industry and is proven by the number of PGA Tour players that trust Trackman for their golf swing analysis data. 

Along with the equipment, WBYC will now be able to offer limited food and beverage options over the winter months. The facility will be housed in the Commodore Room.