Guest Information

The following information is provided to ensure your visit to White Bear Yacht Club is the best part of your day.

The Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage to member’s or guest’s property or personal belongings on the Club premises.

General Club Policies

  • Cell phone use is discouraged at White Bear Yacht Club. Phones must be silenced and quiet, short calls are only permitted in the golf house locker rooms, parking lots, and swimming pool area.
  • Club rules do not permit tipping except for men’s locker room personnel, bag room attendants, caddies, and valets.
  • The use of any lighted tobacco product or electronic cigarettes are prohibited in the Lakeside Clubhouse, Lakeside Pavilion, the Golf House, or any food service area.

Dress Code

The White Bear Yacht Club dress code is designed to maintain the tradition, decorum, and dignity of our Club.

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